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At any level in Jeunesse®, Distributors are able to purchase products at the wholesale price for personal use. As a Distributor, you are also able to resell Jeunesse® products and earn a retail profit. You can earn between 20% to 45% retail profit on each sale.

Example: You pay $83.95 for a product and sell it at the suggested retail of $134.95—you earn a $51.00 retail profit!


Our Preferred Customer Program is great for friends and family members who just want to benefit from using Jeunesse® products. By becoming a Preferred Customer, they can receive a 10% discount from the normal retail price. However, they can receive a 20% discount from the normal retail price providing they enroll in our Autoship program. Since you receive the di erence between the wholesale price and the price your Preferred Customer pays, you can benefit too! In this Preferred Customer Program you will need a promotion code from the person who told you about Jeunesse®.

This Preferred Customer Program is not available in all Markets.
Please check your country to see if this is available, or if the Get 2 Program is available.


Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way for you to get free product and make money? There is! That’s what the Get 2, It’s Paid for You Program is all about. If you are a Distributor, sign up your first two Preferred Customers (PCs) with product purchase (one will automatically be placed on your left and the second on your right) and you:

1. Get $50.00 USD

2. Automatically become qualified for the month

3. Send 60 CV points upline

4. Get two FREE bottles of LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum

Sign up an additional two PCs and receive:


1. Get $50.00 USD

2. Remain qualified for the month

3. Send 60 CV points upline

4. Get ten FREE LUMINESCE™ serum 7 day samples*

5. Custom-made postcards for you to share with your friends and family.

If you have an extra Preferred Customer at the end of an Autoship Month (for example, if you have five in that Autoship Month instead of six), the extra one does not carry over to the next month. Get 2 It’s Paid for You revolves around an Autoship period: meaning, 30 days after you sign up to get your products shipped automatically.

Note: Each PC (Preferred Customer) must provide the following information upon sign-up, none of which can match that of the Sponsor: billing name (first and last), postal address (entire), and credit card. All three of these items must be di erent from the Sponsor's. EVERY month these first two PCs reorder their product, you will get your two FREE bottles of LUMINESCE™ cellular rejuvenation serum!
Luminesce cellular rejuvenation serum

(For example, if you Autoship on January 25th, your Autoship end-date is February 24th before 8:30 p.m. [Eastern Standard Time, USA].) There is no limit to how many times you can repeat this o er in an Autoship Month—which means there’s no cap on how much money you can earn.

Promotion rules: You must be enrolled in the Autoship program with the Get 2 Program selected in order to receive your free product! Members must be Active and in good standing with the Company to participate in the promotion. Shipping and taxes not included.

When one of your Preferred Customers signs up a pair of Preferred
Customers under them, you’ll also get:

• A $25 USD bonus

• 60 CV points sent upline

Get 2 It’s Paid for You is specifically targeted to help Distributors get what they want the most: cash bonuses, fabulous products for free,

CV points, and samples to help promote business. To read about more information about what Preferred Customers earn in the

Get 2 It’s Paid for You, go to: http://jeunesseglobal.com/get2.aspx.


As you personally enroll new Customers into your team, you can earn lucrative First Order Bonuses (FOBs). These bonuses are paid on the purchase of one of the optional Jeunesse® product packages
as follows:

CREATE-A-PACKAGE PRICE RATIO The Create-A-Package option is a great alternative for those whowant to customize their initial sign-up order. The Create-A-PackageFirst Order Bonus (FOB) percentages are as follows:
• 100–200 CV = 10%
• 200–300 CV = 12%
• 300 CV+ = 15%

*CV = Commissionable Volume
†Details on all product packages can be found on the Back O ce
website under the “Shop” tab: https://backo ce.jeunesseglobal.com/
‡ Autoship Qualified for a year.

Jeunesse powerful Team

You can earn powerful Team Commissions weekly as you start to build your Jeunesse® sales teams. These commissions are
designed to reward you for helping and supporting those who
join your team. The more you help them succeed, the more you
can earn from Team Commissions.

In order to qualify for this powerful income stream, you need to
accumulate 100 Personal Volume (PV) points in one month
during the first year (which ends on your renewal date) from your customer’s purchases through your website or your personal purchases and personally enroll two Distributors who each accumulate 100 PV within one month. Place one of these

Distributors on your left team and one on your right team.
This will activate your position so that you may now be eligible to earn Team Commissions.

As Jeunesse® products and product packages are ordered and sold by those in your team and their customers, volume is created in each of your teams. When 300 Commissionable Volume (CV) points through product sales have been accumulated in one team (it doesn’t matter which one) and 600 CV points in the other, you will earn a Team Commission of $35.

You are able to earn up to 750 Team Commissions per week,
which equals a maximum of $26,260 USD* per week.


You can earn Leadership Matching Bonuses on the Team Commissions earned by your personally enrolled team. You can earn this bonus on up to seven levels of your team in each line of
sponsorship. Every person you personally enroll creates a new line of sponsorship.


You must personally generate a minimum of 60 PV points each month in order to participate in this bonus. The number of levels on which you can earn the bonus is determined by your rank in the
Financial Rewards Plan.


You can earn an additional 5% Customer Acquisition Incentive on Level 1 if you have 5 Retail Customers, Preferred Customers, or Wholesale Customers and an additional 10% if you have 10Retail Customers, Wholesale Customers, or Preferred Customers for the month.

*See income stream/Leadership Matching Bonuses for further details
on how the Leadership Matching Bonus works.
**The above description is applicable for Distributors in the US and
Canada. Internationally, it is based on whether or not personally enrolled
Distributors have enrolled in Autoship.

Personally sponsor 5 people enrolled in Autoship every month to be eligible to receive the additional 5% match on personally sponsored Members’ Team Commissions. However, when you personally
sponsor a new Distributor, the first month this member will count as one of your 5 even though they have not enrolled in or had a successful Autoship. An exception to this is if the newly sponsored Distributor sponsors someone in the first month; if so, the new member will not count for you. Sponsoring a member converts the new enrollee to a Distributor and not a customer, as he is building a business.
Personally sponsor 10 people who enroll in Autoship in the same month, to qualify for the 10% bonus on Level 1 personally sponsored members’ Team Commissions. But if you personally sponsor a new Distributor, the first month they count as one of your 10 people even though they have not enrolled in Autoship. An exception to this is if the newly sponsored Distributor sponsors someone in the first month; if so, they will not count for you as a customer.


Luminesce skin care


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